FBCO Missions

Please revisit this page to learn of the many FBCO Missions ministries our church is participating in to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the world.

Clothing Ministry

FBCO is excited to announce that beginning July 13, we will become the clothing distribution center for Christian County!  Least of These has made the determination to focus strictly on food and other food-related resources for the residents of Christian County.

Least of These has moved all of their clothing, racks, hangers, etc. to help us get started.  This will be in addition to our annual Day of Giving event that will still take place on August 15. This is an exciting opportunity for FBCO to reach more in our community with open arms of love, prayer, and an opportunity to share the gospel.  We will be having people in our county here on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  We need many hands to make this ministry a success, so here are ways you can be involved:

  1. Greeter – each day we are open, we are in need of people to just simply meet people at our front doors to welcome them and direct them to the elevator or stairs to reach the second floor. Friendly faces and warm smiles are a must!
  2. Check-in personnel – these folks will help check folks in once they arrive on the second floor. You will be responsible to pull their registration forms from the file and organize them to meet with an interviewer.  If administration is in your make up, this position is for you!
  3. Interviewer – this person will meet with each person/family that comes in to receive our services. You will check to make sure their information is correct and that the forms are complete.  At the end of the interview, you will have the opportunity to pray and to share the gospel with each family.  If people are up your alley, and you love to share the gospel, this area of service is right for you!
  4. Room Monitors – we will need to have people in each of our rooms to help monitor and assist the people who come in. You may be helping with guidance on picking the correct amount and needed clothing to helping hold their bags while they shop.  If you love people, this is a great area to use your gift of “gab” and service!
  5. Sorters/Stockers – each week will have clothing that has been donated from our church members, as well as from our community, that will need to be sorted, organized and ready to restock the items on the racks. This is definitely a “behind the scenes” position, so if you are an organizer and have a servant’s heart, this spot is for you!
  6. Laundry personnel – each week we will get items that will need to be laundered before they can be given away. This is an opportunity to “work at your own pace” and to be able to serve off-campus.  Great opportunity for anyone who works during our open pantry hours or to maybe a senior adult that still wants to be involved in the ministry.
  7. Financial helpers – at times we will have a “special need” that we do not have in stock. Not long ago, we had a request from a young lady at high school that needed a size 13 tennis shoe for gym class.  This is something that is not donated regularly but we had the funds to go purchase this young lady a pair of shoes!  Maybe the Lord has blessed you financially and you can give to help meet these special needs that may arise!