Kyle and Katie Brosseau, missionaries to Czechia, will be leaving in June.

Prayer Request

Safe travel to Czechia in mid-June

Healthy mama and baby Anna during this transition of moving to Czechia as well as great doctors for Katie, Anna and the rest of the family.

Pray that Katie and Kyle adjust to their new roles in Czechia. Kyle will be creating online training platforms for local pastors and church planters. Katie will be creating media to educate and inform everyone what is going on globally with regards to reaching people for Christ.

Pray for the nearly 3 million people in Prague who don’t know Jesus.

Clothing Ministry

Our Clothing Ministry is up and running and we will be adding weekly distribution on Tuesday nights starting on February 16. We feel like this will help serve our families in our community that have daytime jobs during our normal hours. We are looking for people who would like to serve in this ministry by being a greeter, help in registration, an interviewer, or a room monitor. The hours of operation will be from 6-8P. We are praying for enough people to help spread the work load.

If you are interested or need additional info, please contact Blake Hayworth or Niki Garrison.

Open Monday & Wednesday
9A – Noon

Tuesday (Starting February 16)
6 – 8P

"Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all the peoples! Psalm 96:3"

Operation Christmas Child

The Amazing Journey of a Simple Shoebox Gift

Begins with You and Results in Evangelism, Discipleship, and Multiplication.

Packing – From children to seniors, people pack shoebox gifts each year to bless children in need around the world. Parents often use the project to teach their kids about giving. Year-round volunteers support these efforts across the country.

Collecting – Churches and groups of all sizes collect boxes from their communities. Some churches also serve as drop-off locations for shoeboxes the third week of November every year.

Shipping – Thousands of volunteers serve annually inspecting and preparing shoeboxes for international shipping. Every hour work stops for a few minutes to pray for the children who will receive the boxes.

Worldwide Distribution – Long before shoeboxes arrive in more than 100 countries, volunteer National Leadership Teams train pastors and community leaders who want to share the message of the Gospel and bless children. The leaders learn how to host child-friendly outreach events, and how to implement The Greatest Journey follow-up discipleship program.

Outreach Events – Pastors around the world host outreach events in places where people may not know Christ and invite them to follow Him. Other churches use the boxes as resources for outreach in orphanages and other at-risk areas. In many places, they also offer The Greatest Gift, a Gospel story booklet Samaritan’s Purse developed for shoebox recipients.

Discipleship & Multiplication – As a result of what they learn in The Greatest Journey, boys and girls grow in Christ and share with friends and family. The students also invite others to their graduations where the Gospel is shared. This often brings parents, siblings, and friends to accept Christ and become active members in the local church. Families are reached, churches grow, new churches are started, and communities are transformed.

"Operation Christmas Child demonstrates God's love to children in need worldwide by delivering gift-filled shoeboxes and the good news of Jesus Christ!"
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Suggested Donations for June

Operation Christmas Child - Have You Considered?
  • That there could be 27 children sharing ONE toothbrush.
  • That a classroom of kids have to share ONE pencil.
  • That a child only has ONE piece of paper to do this lesson on so he erases & erases until there is no paper left.
Operation Christmas Child exists to share the Gospel of Jesus with these children as well as to provide for their physical & emotional needs. June needs include bar soap, washcloths, large boys socks, & matchbox type cars.