Let us help you find a class that's best for you and your family.

We believe we have something for everyone. If you have any questions about our schedule, or want to know how to get involved, please contact us.

Sunday Morning Bible Study // 9:00AM

Available Classes

John Pennell (Senior Adult Coed) // Room #130

Bill LaFerney (Senior Adult Coed) // Room #132

Blake Hayworth (Senior Adult Coed) // Mtg RM A

Danny Bearden (Mature Adult Coed) // South Fellowship Hall

Dortha Swearengin (Midlife Adult Women) // Room #126

Scott Rookstool (Mature Adult) // Room #131

Lacey Shelton (Women’s Class) // Room #145

David Tella (Midlife Adult Coed) // Room #129

Available Classes

Erik Jackson (Midlife Adult Coed) // Room #141

Chuck Murfin (Midlife Adult Coed) // Mtg RM C – 262

Phil Mendenhall (Midlife Adult Coed) // Room #134

Andy Ellett (Midlife Adult Coed) // Room #136

Chris Magee (Midlife Adult Coed) // Mtg RM C – 266

Chris Thixton (Midlife Adult Coed) // Mtg RM B

Chad Linck (Young Adults 30-40) // Mtg RM C – 260

Jeff Garrison (Young Adults 18-29) // Room #124

Tim Eastin (Men’s Class) // Commons

Nursery & Extended Teaching Care

10:30AM – Ages: Birth – Pre-K

Children’s Church

10:30AM – Kindergarten – 4th grade (Mtg RM C)

Fellowship Meal // 5:00PMWednesday Night Prayer // 6:00PM

Prayer Meeting (Worship Center) // 6:00PM

Adult Bible Study (Old Testament – Room #132) // 6:30PM

Adult Bible Study (ABC Curriculum – Room #134) // 6:30PM

TeamKID (1st-6th Grade – Mtg RM A/B) // 6:30PM

Kids R.O.C.K. (Birth-Kindergarten – Preschool Wing) // 6:30PM

Student JAM (7th-12th Grade – Mtg RM C) // 6:30PM

Worship Choir Rehearsal (Worship Center) // 6:30PM