Adult Ministry

For adults of all ages and walks of life

Our goal is to help adults engage foundational truths at various points along their personal spiritual pilgrimage.

Our Adults Ministry is designed around Biblical learning concepts to provide proper content and context in addressing the needs of individuals. Under the guidance of committed leaders, adults explore and discuss what they see as major issues, concerns, and life needs in their own personal lives as well as the lives of their family and their community.

We want to provide the necessary foundation for what adults need to know, be, and do in order to experience real spiritual transformation and to be committed followers of Christ.

Adult Sunday School Classes – Bible Studies For Life (BSFL)

These materials are downloadable:

July 19 – Adult Study Guide – How to Respond to Politics

July 12 – Adult Study Guide – Culmination of Our Hope

July 5 – Adult Study Guide – Joy Arising from Our Hope

June 28 – Adult Study Guide – Endurance of Our Hope

June 21 – Adult Study Guide – Testimony of Our Hope

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Concepts we address

GodHoly SpiritJesusSalvationthe BibleDiscipleship & the Christian LifeCreationFamilySelfEthics & MoralityReason & FaithChurch & KingdomRebellion & SinCommunity & the WorldTime & Eternity