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Unit 6 Lesson 57

God Gives the Ten Commandments - God gave the Israelites laws that showed them their need for a Savior

Lesson 57 Student Guide

Breaking the Law



Unit 6 Lesson 58

God Punishes Idolatry - The Israelites disobeyed God when they made and worshiped a golden calf.

Lesson 58 Student Guide

A Jealous God



Unit 6 Lesson 59

God Dwells Among His People - God promised to stay with the Israelites and gave them directions to build a place of worship.

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The Tabernacle Complex



Unit 6 Lesson 60 (Materials Unavailable)

Unit 6 Review



Unit 7 Lesson 61

Moses Sends the Spies - When the time came for the Israelites to enter the land God promised to Abraham, they had a crisis of faith. Ten of the men who spied out the land were afraid of the giants and the fortified cities. Two of the spies, Joshua and Caleb, trusted that God would give them victory.

Lesson 61 Student Guide

Moses Sends the Spies Map



Unit 7 Lesson 62

God Judges Rebellion - Three men rebelled against Moses and Aaron’s God-given leadership. God judged them by supernaturally opening the earth and swallowing them up. The people blamed Moses and Aaron and continued to complain. God sent fiery serpents that killed some. Only those who looked to the bronze serpent were saved from God’s judgment.

Lesson 62 Student Guide

Serpent and the Son



Unit 7 Lesson 63

God Prepares the Way - To prepare the way into Canaan, God gave Moses and the Israelites two great victories over the Amorite kings Sihon and Og. The Israelites took possession of their lands, and two and a half tribes settled there. Moab and Midian hired the false prophet Balaam to curse the Israelites, but God caused him to bless them instead.

Lesson 63 Student Guide

You Believe What?




Unit 7 Lesson 64

Rahab Helps the Spies - God chose Joshua to lead the Israelites after Moses’ death. Joshua sent spies into Jericho, but they were discovered. The prostitute Rahab hid the spies and helped them escape because she had faith in God. God rewarded her faith by sparing her and her family, and she was included in the genealogy of Jesus

Lesson 64 Student Guide

Rahab Helps the Spies Map

Rahab Helps the Spies




Unit 7 Lesson 65

Israel Crosses the Jordan - God blocked the Jordan River so the Israelites could cross into the promised land. The priests, carrying the ark of the covenant, showed faith by leading the people and stepping into the flooded river. Joshua set up 12 memorial stones to remind future generations of this miracle.

Lesson 65 Student Guide

Crossing Parallels





Unit 7 Lesson 66

Israel Conquers Jericho - God commanded Joshua to have the priests carry the ark of the covenant and blow trumpets while they and the fighting men of Israel marched around Jericho once every morning for six days. On the seventh day, they marched seven times around the city, gave a great shout, and watched the Lord collapse the walls. Israel destroyed the city but spared Rahab and her family as promised.

Lesson 66 Student Guide

Marking the Promise





Unit 7 Lesson 67

God Gives the Victory - God let the Israelites lose the first battle at Ai to point out Achan’s sin and show them that victory could come only through complete obedience. Later, God gave the Israelites victory over Ai and then over five Amorite kings, making the sun stand still until they defeated their enemies.

Lesson 67 Student Guide

Joshua's Long Day





Unit 7 Lesson 68

Israel Receives a Land - God fulfilled his promises to Abraham to make his descendants into a great nation and to give them the land of Canaan. Joshua led the Israelites in key victories to conquer the land and gave each tribe its inheritance to possess. Caleb and Joshua remained faithful to God, and God gave them a special inheritance.

Lesson 68 Student Guide

Promises Fulfilled





Unit 7 Lesson 69

Israel Turns to Idols - During the 300-year period of judges, Israel repeated a cycle of idolatry and disobedience to God. God punished Israel, and they cried out to him. Each time they repented, God delivered Israel with judges, proving his faithfulness.

Lesson 69 Student Guide

Identifying Idols






Unit 7 Lesson 70 (Materials Unavailable)

Unit 7 Review