Unit 9 Lesson 81

David Becomes King - God fulfilled his promise to make David the next king of Israel.


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Side by Side

Unit 9 Lesson 82

God's Promise to David - God promised David a kingdom that would last forever.


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Scripture Interprets Scripture

Unit 9 Lesson 83

David Disobeys God - David sinned by taking another man's wife.


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Sins Progression


Unit 9 Lesson 84

Absalom Rebels - Absalom tried to take the kingdom from his father, David.


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Painful Prophecies

Unit 9 Lesson 85

Praises to God - Psalms contains songs and prayers of praise, lament, and thanksgiving.


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Sampling the Psalms

Unit 9 Lesson 86

Solomon Asks for Wisdom - Solomon asked God for wisdom to rule his people.


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True Wisdom


Unit 9 Lesson 87

Solomon Builds God's Temple - Solomon fulfilled David's desire when he completed in Jerusalem.


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The Temple Today

Temple Diagram

Unit 9 Lesson 88

Wisdom from God - Proverbs contains advice to help us make wise choices.


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Mining for the Truth

Pop Quiz

Unit 9 Lesson 89

Israel Is Divided - God divided the nation of Israel as punishment for Solomon's disobedience.


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Object Lessons

Israel and Judah Map

Unit 9 Lesson 90

Unit Review - A review of Lessons 81-89

Unit 8 Lesson 71

God Uses - God used Gideon to defeat the Midianites & deliver the Israelites.


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Faith & Fleeces

Lesson Theme




Unit 8 Lesson 72

Samson Receives Strength - God gave Samson supernatural strength to fight the Philistines.


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Samson's Failings

Lesson Theme


Unit 8 Lesson 73

God Blesses Ruth - God blessed Ruth's love and faith by giving her a husband, Boaz.


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Ruth's Legacy

Lesson Theme


Unit 8 Lesson 74

God Calls Samuel - God gave Samuel a message of judgment on Israel and the house of Eli.


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Lucky Charms



Unit 8 Lesson 75

Israel's First King - God chose Saul to be Israel's first king, but Saul disobeyed the Lord.


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Getting to the Root


Unit 8 Lesson 76

God Chooses David - God sent Samuel to anoint David as the next King of Israel.


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The Bethlehem Thread



Unit 8 Lesson 77

David Defeats Goliath - God gave David victory over the giant, Goliath, because David trusted in him.


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Who Killed Goliath

Unit 8 Lesson 78

Jonathan Warns David - Jonathan warned his friend David that Saul wanted to kill him.


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Jonathan Loved David



Unit 8 Lesson 79

Saul Hunts David - Saul sought to Kill David, but David trusted God for protection.


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Psalms of Distress





Unit 8 Lesson 80

Unit Review - A review of Lessons 71-79