Answers Bible Curriculum

March 22

Unit 3 Lesson 27 - Noah's Ark The size of the Ark and the number of animals on board are truths under constant attack from skeptics of the Bible's account.
Lesson 27 Student Guide 

Lesson 27 Powerpoint Slides

Building the Ark
Kinds of Animals
Modeling the Ark Video
Modeling the Ark
Rapid Speciation
The Ark and the Animals 

Unit 3 Lesson 28 - The Ice Age Although the Bible does not directly speak of it, the physical evidence on the earth's surface points to a period of time when ice covered a large portion of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
Lesson 28 Student Guide 

Lesson 28 Powerpoint Slides

Causes of the Ice Age
Global Warming an the Biblical Overview
How Animals Spread Around the World
How Many Ice Ages
Ice Ages through the Years
Mysteries of the Ice Age
The Flood and the Ice Age
The Ice Age ABC
Where are the Mammoths Now

March 29

Unit 3 Lesson 29 - Confusion: Dispersion at Babel  After the Flood, God commanded the people to spread across the globe, but they refused and assembled together in Shinar.
Lesson 29 Student Guide

Lesson 29 Powerpoint Slides

People Groups and Animal Species

April 5

Unit 3 Review
(No material available) 

March 8

Unit 3 Lesson 25 - God Saves Noah The account of the Flood is not a fairy tale, but a detailed record of how a hold God punished an ungodly world for its sinfulness.
Lesson 25 Student Guide

Because of the Flood
Dinosaur Fossils and the Age of the Earth
What Happened to the Dinos

March 15

Unit 3 Lesson 26 - The Worldwide Flood The fact that the Genesis Flood was global is very clear from the language of the text.
Lesson 26 Student Guide

Lesson 26 Powerpoint Slides

A Quick Recovery
A Distribution of Plants and Animals
Real Evidence or Artists Impressions
Signs of the Flood
The Present is not the Key to the Past