Answers Bible Curriculum

December 8

Unit 2 Lesson 14 - Creation: Animals & Man On Days Five & Six of Creation Week, God created flying animals, sea creatures, & land animals.
Lesson 14 Student Guide
Video: A Habitable Planet
Video: Designed For Flight
Video: Kinds
Video: Made in God's Image
Video: Uniqueness of Man
Video: Uniqueness of Man - His Feet and Hands

December 29

Unit 2 Lesson 17 - The Age of the Earth The genealogies in the Bible provide a clear date for creation, showing that God created about 6,000 years ago. 
Lesson 17 Student Guide
Video: Age Theories
Video: Does Distant Starlight Prove the Universe Is Old
Video: Fossils & the Age of the Earth
Video: Mixing Evolution & the Bible
Video: What are Dating Methods
Video: Why Shouldn't Christians Accept Millions of Years

January 5

Unit 2 Lesson 18 - Stewards of God's Creation At creation God gave man the responsibility to provide good stewardship over His creation. 
Lesson 18 Student Guide

January 12

Unit 2 Lesson 19 - Corruption: Sin Enters the World Sin & Death entered the world through Adam.
Lesson 19 Student Guide
Beauty & Death
Man vs. God

November 3

Unit 1 Lesson 9 - The Gospel Is Good News The bad news of sin and the good news of Christ.
Lesson 9 Student Guide
Video: The Last Adam

November 10

Unit 1 Lesson 10 - Unit One Review 
Lesson 10 Student Guide
Video: Scripture Under Scrutiny

December 1

Unit 2 Lesson 13 - Creation: Days & Kinds The Hebrew word yom, used in context, points to the days of creation being regular 24-hour days. 
Lesson 13 Student Guide
Video: What Is a Day
Video: Sun
Video: Stars
Video: Plants