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Unit 5 Lesson 47

Joseph Rises To Power - Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dreams and becomes a ruler in Egypt.

Lesson 47 Student Guide

Remains of Joseph

Joseph's Canal

Unit 5 Lesson 48

Joseph Forgives His Brothers - Joseph tests his brothers and forgives them.

Lesson 48 Student Guide

Pointing to Christ

Unit 5 Lesson 49

Israel's Blessing - Jacob blesses his sons before his death.

Lesson 49 Student Guide

Twelve Tribes Map

Blessing the Tribes

Unit 5 Lesson 50 (Materials Unavailable)

Unit 5 Review


Unit 6 Lesson 51

God Protects Moses - God protected Moses from Pharaoh.

Lesson 51 Student Guide

A Righteous Lie


Unit 6 Lesson 52

God Calls Moses - God called Moses to lead the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt. 

Lesson 52 Student Guide


Unit 6 Lesson 53

God Displays His Power - God showed His power through the plagues.

Lesson 53 Student Guide

Ten Plagues of Egypt 

Plaguing Questions


Unit 6 Lesson 54

God Sends the Final Plague - God sent the final plague on the firstborn of Egypt but protected the Israelites.

Lesson 54 Student Guide

Christ Our Passover


Unit 6 Lesson 55

God Parts the Red Sea - God provided a way of escape from Pharaoh and his army by parting the Red Sea.

Lesson 55 Student Guide

History of Israel Timeline

Poetic Truth


Unit 6 Lesson 56

God Provides in the Wilderness - God provided food and water for the Israelites, but they still complained.

Lesson 56 Student Guide




Unit 6 Lesson 57

God Gives the Ten Commandments - God gave the Israelites laws that showed them their need for a Savior

Lesson 57 Student Guide

Breaking the Law



Unit 6 Lesson 58

God Punishes Idolatry - The Israelites disobeyed God when they made and worshiped a golden calf.

Lesson 58 Student Guide

A Jealous God



Unit 6 Lesson 59

God Dwells Among His People - God promised to stay with the Israelites and gave them directions to build a place of worship.

Lesson 59 Student Guide

The Tabernacle Complex



Unit 6 Lesson 60 (Materials Unavailable)

Unit 6 Review