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Unit 1

Lesson 1: God’s Word is Our FoundationGod’s Word-the foundation for our lives-is the standard we use to judge every thought. Lesson 1 Student Guide

Lesson 2: Attributes of GodGod’s attributes are demonstrated and described in Scripture. Lesson 2 Student Guide

Lesson 3: We Can Know God Exists – God is the eternal Creator and is clearly seen in the order of the universe. Lesson 3 Student Guide

Lesson 4: The TrinityGod the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Lesson 4 Student Guide Athanasian Creed  God Is Triune Trinitarian Heresies Trinity Diagram

Lesson 5: God’s Word Guides UsThe Bible is God’s Word, and we must study it carefully. Lesson 5 Student Guide Impossible for God

Lesson 6: God Preserves His WordGod will always preserve His Word. Lesson 6 Student Guide

Lesson 7: God’s Word is CompleteAll of God’s written Word is complete. Lesson 7 Student Guide A Common Thread

Lesson 8: Don’t Change God’s WordThe Bible must be our final and absolute authority. Lesson 8 Student Guide A Different Gospel

Lesson 9: The Gospel is Good NewsGod provides salvation to sinners through Jesus. Lesson 9 Student Guide Scripture Strips Gospel Through the Seven C’s of History

Lesson 10 – Unit 1 Review

Unit 2

Lesson 11: The Seven C’s of HistoryThe Bible provides a complete history of the universe. Lesson 11 Student Guide Scripture Strips Seven C’s Comparison Chart Books of the Old Testament

Lesson 12: God Creates the UniverseThe account of God’s creation-by the Word of His mouth-reveals that He is the omnipotent Creator. Lesson 12 Student Guide The Order Matters

Lesson 13: Creation (Days & Kinds)The Hebrew word yom, used in context, points to the days of creation being regular 24-hour days. God created plants to reproduce according to their kinds.  Lesson 13 Student Guide Days of Creation

Lesson 14: Creation (Animals & Man)On Days 5 & 6 of Creation Week, God created flying animals, sea creatures, and land animals. Lesson 14 Student Guide Kinds of Critters

Lesson 15: God Creates Adam & EveChp. 2 of Genesis details the creation of Adam & Eve. Lesson 15 Student Guide Two Creation Accounts

Lesson 16: Dinosaurs & DragonsDinosaurs and dragons are described in the Bible. Lesson 16 Student Guide Animal Tails

Lesson 17: The Age of the EarthThe genealogies in the Bible provide a clear date for creation, showing that God created about 6,000 years ago. Lesson 17 Student Guide Calculating The Earth’s Age

Lesson 18: Stewards of God’s CreationAt creation God gave man the responsibility to provide good stewardship over His creation. Lesson 18 Student Guide Stewards of God’s 

Lesson 19: Corruption (Sin Enters the World)Sin and death entered the world through Adam. Lesson 19 Student Guide The Plan

Lesson 20 – Unit 2 Review (No Material Available)

Unit 3

Lesson 21: Effects of the FallAdam’s Fall impacted everything in the creation. Lesson 21 Student Guide

Lesson 22: Cain Kills AbelThe sacrifices of Cain and Abel reveal God’s demand for a pure heart of worship toward Him.  Lesson 22 Student Guide

Lesson 23: The Hearts of ManSince the very first sin of Adam in the garden, all people are born into sin. Lesson 23 Student Guide

Lesson 24: Catastrophe (The Flood)The Catastrophe, the third of the Seven C’s of History, began when God called Noah out from the world filled with violence and corruption. Lesson 24 Student Guide

Lesson 25: God Saves NoahThe account of the Flood is not a fairy tale, but a detailed record of how a holy God punished an ungodly world for its sinfulness. Lesson 25 Student Guide

Lesson 26: The Worldwide FloodThe fact that the Genesis Flood was global is very clear from the language of the text. Lesson 26 Student Guide Lesson 26 Powerpoint Slides

Lesson 27: Noah’s arkThe size of the Ark and the number of animals on board are truths under constant attack from skeptics of the Bible’s account. Lesson 27 Student Guide

Lesson 28: The Ice AgeAlthough the Bible does not directly speak of it, the physical evidence on the earth’s surface points to a period of time when ice covered a large portion of Northern and Southern Hemispheres.  Lesson 28 Student Guide

Lesson 29: Confusion (Dispersion at Babel) – After the Flood, God commanded the people to spread across the globe, but they refused and assembled together in Shinar. Lesson 29 Student Guide

Lesson 30 – Unit 3 Review (No Materials Available)

Unit 4

Lesson 31: One Race (The Human Race) – After Babel, people spread throughout the world. 

Lesson 31 Student Guide Grandsons of Noah History of Genesis Timeline Mapping the Nations Table of Nations

Lesson 32: Job’s SufferingThe account of Job proclaims the sovereignty and omnipotence of God over all things-both good and bad.  Lesson 32 Student Guide Understanding Trials

Lesson 33: God Calls Abram – God called Abram to leave his family and his father’s house. Lesson 33 Student Guide Abram’s Journey Map History of Genesis Timeline A Heavenly Hope

Lesson 34: Abram and LotAbram and Lot separated from one another. Lesson 34 Student Guide Abram & Lot Map Attributes of God Poster Abram’s Example

Lesson 35: Sodom & Gomorrah – The Lord and two angels appeared to Abraham and announced judgement on Sodom and Gomorrah because the sin and wickedness God saw there. Lesson 35 Student Guide Attributes of God Poster Respectable Sins

Lesson 36: God’s Covenant with AbramGod made a covenant with Abram, promising to give him a son and descendants as numerous as the stars. Lesson 36 Student Guide Abram’s Error Attributes of God Poster

Lesson 37: Isaac (Child of Promise) – God confirmed His covenant with Abram. Lesson 37 Student Guide Abram’s Seed History of Genesis Timeline Attributes of God Poster

Lesson 38: Abraham’s TestGod called Abraham to offer Isaac, the son of promise, as a sacrifice.  Lesson 38 Student Guide From the Seed to the Lamb Scripture Strips Seven C’s of History Timeline

Lesson 39: A Bride for IsaacWhen Abraham sent his servant to obtain a wife for Isaac, God demonstrated His control, even in humanly difficult situations. Lesson 39 Student Guide Examining Relationships History of Genesis Timeline

Lesson 40 – Unit 4 Review (No Materials Available)

Unit 5

Lesson 41: Esau Sells His Birthright – Esau, the older twin, sold his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of stew. Lesson 41 Student Guide Princes of Abraham Timeline

Lesson 42: Jacob Steals The Blessing – Isaac is tricked into blessing Jacob instead of Esau. Lesson 42 Student Guide Mistakes of Our Fathers

Lesson 43: Jacob’s Family Grows – Jacob marries Leah and Rachel and has many children. Lesson 43 Student Guide Twelve Tribes

Lesson 44: Jacob Returns to Canaan – Jacob returns to Canaan and reconciles with Esau. Lesson 44 Student Guide Peace with God and Man

Lesson 45: Joseph Becomes A Slave – Joseph’s envious brothers sold him as a slave. Lesson 45 Student Guide A Providential Journey

Lesson 46: God Blesses Joseph – God blessed Joseph in Potiphar’s house and in prison. Lesson 46 Student Guide Fleeing Temptation

Lesson 47: Joseph Rises To Power – Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dreams and becomes a ruler in Egypt. Lesson 47 Student Guide Remains of Joseph Joseph’s Canal

Lesson 48: Joseph Forgives His Brothers – Joseph tests his brothers and forgives them. Lesson 48 Student Guide Pointing to Christ

Lesson 49: Israel’s Blessing – Jacob blesses his sons before his death. Lesson 49 Student Guide Twelve Tribes Map Blessing the Tribes

Lesson 50 – Unit 5 Review (No Materials Available)

Unit 6

Lesson 51: God Protects Moses – God protected Moses from Pharaoh. Lesson 51 Student Guide A Righteous Lie Timeline

Lesson 52: God Calls Moses – God called Moses to lead the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt. Lesson 52 Student Guide Shortcomings

Lesson 53: God Displays His Power – God showed His power through the plagues. Lesson 53 Student Guide Ten Plagues of Egypt Plaguing Questions

Lesson 54: God Sends the Final Plague – God sent the final plague on the firstborn of Egypt but protected the Israelites. Lesson 54 Student Guide Christ Our Passover

Lesson 55: God Parts the Red Sea – God provided a way of escape from Pharaoh and his army by parting the Red Sea. Lesson 55 Student Guide History of Israel Timeline Poetic Truth

Lesson 56: God Provides in the Wilderness – God provided food and water for the Israelites, but they still complained. Lesson 56 Student Guide Complaints

Lesson 57: God Gives the Ten Commandments – God gave the Israelites laws that showed them their need for a Savior. Lesson 57 Student Guide Breaking the Law

Lesson 58: God Punishes Idolatry – The Israelites disobeyed God when they made and worshiped a golden calf. Lesson 58 Student Guide A Jealous God

Lesson 59: God Dwells Among His People – God promised to stay with the Israelites and gave them directions to build a place of worship. Lesson 59 Student Guide The Tabernacle Complex

Lesson 60 – Unit 6 Review (No Materials Available)

Unit 7

Lesson 61: Moses Sends the Spies – When the time came for the Israelites to enter the land God promised to Abraham, they had a crisis of faith. Lesson 61 Student Guide Moses Sends the Spies

Lesson 62: God Judges Rebellion – Three men rebelled against Moses and Aaron’s God-given leadership. Lesson 62 Student Guide Serpent and the Son

Lesson 63: God Prepares the Way – To prepare the way into Canaan, God gave Moses andthe Israelites two great victories over the Amorite kings Sihon and Og.. Lesson 63 Student Guide You Believe What?

Lesson 64: Rahab Helps the Spies- God chose Joshua to lead the Israelites after Moses’ death. Lesson 64 Student Guide Rahab Helps the Spies

Lesson 65: Israel Crosses the Jordan – God blocked the Jordan River so the Israelites could cross into the promised land. Lesson 65 Student Guide Crossing Parallels

Lesson 66: Israel Conquers Jericho – God commanded Joshua to have the priests carry the ark of the covenant and blow trumpets while they and the fighting men of Israel marched around Jericho once every morning for six days. Lesson 66 Student Guide Marking the Promise

Lesson 67: God Gives the Victory – God let the Israelites lose the first battle at Ai to point out Achan’s sin and show them that victory could come only through complete obedience. Lesson 67 Student Guide  Josua’s Long Day

Lesson 68: Israel Receives a Land – God fulfilled his promises to Abraham to make his descendants into a great nation and to give them the land of Canaan. Lesson 68 Student Guide Promises Fulfilled

Lesson 69: Israel Turns to Idols – During the 300-year period of judges, Israel repeated a cycle of idolatry and disobedience to God. Lesson 69 Student Guide Identifying Idols

Lesson 70 – Unit 7 Review (No Materials Available)

Unit 8