Full List of Unit Videos

Unit 1

Lesson 1: God’s Word is Our Foundation – God’s Word-the foundation for our lives-is the standard we use to judge every thought. 

Lesson 1 Student Guide
Video: Accuracy of Scripture 
Video: One Solitary Book 
Video: Our Starting Point 
Video: Teaching God’s Word 

Lesson 2: Attributes of God – God’s attributes are demonstrated and described in Scripture. 

Lesson 2 Student Guide
Video: Cloud of Biblical Witnesses
Video: God’s Authority & The 7C’s
Video: God’s Power
Video: Mystery of Life

Lesson 3: We Can Know God Exists – God is the eternal Creator and is clearly seen in the order of the universe. 

Lesson 3 Student Guide
Video: Common Designer
Video: Creator Clearly Seen
Video: God is Real
Video: Is There Really A God
Video: Science
Video: What’s the Best Proof of Creation

Lesson 4: The Trinity – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. 

Lesson 4 Student Guide
Athanasian Creed 
God Is Triune
Trinitarian Heresies
Trinity Diagram
Video: Communities

Lesson 5: God’s Word Guides Us – The Bible is God’s Word, and we must study it carefully. 

Lesson 5 Student Guide
Impossible for God
Video: Tolerance & the Bible

Lesson 6: God Preserves His Word – God will always preserve His Word. 

Lesson 6 Student Guide
Video: The Bible Through History
Video: The Canon
Video: Unity of The Bible

Lesson 7: God’s Word is Complete – All of God’s written Word is complete. 

Lesson 7 Student Guide
A Common Thread
Video: Books of the New Testament

Lesson 8: Don’t Change God’s Word – The Bible must be our final and absolute authority. 

Lesson 8 Student Guide
A Different Gospel

Lesson 9: The Gospel is Good News – God provides salvation to sinners through Jesus. 

Lesson 9 Student Guide
Scripture Strips
Gospel Through the Seven C’s of History
Video: Seven C’s Creation Cube Training
Video: The Last Adam

Unit 2

Lesson 13: Creation (Days & Kinds) – The Hebrew word yom, used in context, points to the days of creation being regular 24-hour days. God created plants to reproduce according to their kinds. 

Lesson 13 Student Guide
Days of Creation
Video: Plants
Video: Stars
Video: Sun
Video: What is a Day

Lesson 14: Creation (Animals & Man) – On Days 5 & 6 of Creation Week, God created flying animals, sea creatures, and land animals. God created these animals “according to their kinds.” Man was created in God’s image-unlike the animals. Because of this, God has provided a way for us to have a relationship with Him.

Lesson 14 Student Guide
Kinds of Critters
Video: A Habitable Planet
Video: Designed For Flight
Video: Kinds
Video: Made in God’s Image
Video: Uniqueness of Man – His Expression & Soul
Video: Uniqueness of Man – His Feet & Hands

Lesson 15: God Creates Adam & Eve – Chp. 2 of Genesis details the creation of Adam & Eve. The biblical account of the creation of man is very different from the evolutionary view. God’s design for marriage is one man and one woman for life. 

Lesson 15 Student Guide
Two Creation Accounts
Video: A Special Creation

Video: Adam & Eve My Relatives
Video: Aliens – Fact or Fiction
Video: Christians & Evolution
Video: Theistic Evolution vs. The Bible

Lesson 16: Dinosaurs & Dragons – Dinosaurs and dragons are described in the Bible. And there are many historical confirmations that dinosaurs lived alongside man. As we look through the lens of the Bible, the world of dinosaurs makes sense! 

Lesson 16 Student Guide
Animal Tails
Video: Dinosaurs & Dragon Legends
Video: Dinosaurs & The Bible
Video: Teaching the 7F’s of Dinosaurs
Video: What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs

Lesson 18: Stewards of God’s Creation – At creation God gave man the responsibility to provide good stewardship over His creation. 

Lesson 18 Student Guide
Stewards of God’s Creation
Video: Dominion

Lesson 19: Corruption (Sin Enters the World) – Sin and death entered the world through Adam. The first death occurred in the Garden of Eden when God killed an animal to clothe Adam and Eve after they disobeyed Him. 

Lesson 19 Student Guide
The Plan
Video: Beauty & Death
Video: Man vs. God

Unit 3

Lesson 21: Effects of the Fall – Adam’s Fall impacted everything in the creation.

Lesson 21 Student Guide
Video: Teaching About Suffering
Video: The Intrusion of Sin
Video: Was There Death Before Adam Sinned

Lesson 22: Cain Kills Abel – The sacrifices of Cain and Abel reveal God’s demand for a pure heart of worship toward Him. 

Lesson 22 Student Guide

Lesson 23: The Hearts of Man – Since the very first sin of Adam in the garden, all people are born into sin. 

Lesson 23 Student Guide
Video: Christianity and the Influence of the Media
Video: Man’s Fault and God’s Provision
Video: Perspectives on Death and Suffering

Lesson 24: Catastrophe (The Flood) – The Catastrophe, the third of the Seven C’s of History, began when God called Noah out from the world filled with violence and corruption. 

Lesson 24 Student Guide
Video: Flood Initiation
Video: Was there Really a Noah’s Ark and Flood

Lesson 25: God Saves Noah – The account of the Flood is not a fairy tale, but a detailed record of how a holy God punished an ungodly world for its sinfulness. 

Lesson 25 Student Guide
Video: Because of the Flood
Video: Dinosaur Fossils and the Age of the Earth
Video: What Happened to the Dinos

Lesson 27: Noah’s ark – The size of the Ark and the number of animals on board are truths under constant attack from skeptics of the Bible’s account. 

Lesson 27 Student Guide
Video: Building the Ark
Video: Kinds of Animals
Video: Modeling the Ark Video
Video: Modeling the Ark
Video: Rapid Speciation
Video: The Ark and the Animals 

Lesson 28: The Ice Age – Although the Bible does not directly speak of it, the physical evidence on the earth’s surface points to a period of time when ice covered a large portion of Northern and Southern Hemispheres. 

Lesson 28 Student Guide
Video: Causes of the Ice Age
Video: Global Warming an the Biblical Overview
Video: How Animals Spread Around the World
Video: How Many Ice Ages
Video: Ice Ages through the Years
Video: Mysteries of the Ice Age
Video: The Flood and the Ice Age
Video: The Ice Age ABC
Video: Where are the Mammoths Now

Lesson 29: Confusion (Dispersion at Babel) – After the Flood, God commanded the people to spread across the globe, but they refused and assembled together in Shinar. 

Lesson 29 Student Guide
Video: Babel
Video: People Groups and Animal Species

Lesson 30

Unit 3 Review (No Materials Available)

Unit 4

Lesson 31: One Race (The Human Race) – After Babel, people spread throughout the world. 

Lesson 31 Student Guide
Grandsons of Noah
History of Genesis Timeline
Mapping the Nations
Table of Nations

Lesson 32: Job’s Suffering – The account of Job proclaims the sovereignty and omnipotence of God over all things-both good and bad. 

Lesson 32 Student Guide
Understanding Trials

Lesson 33: God Calls Abram – God called Abram to leave his family and his father’s house.

Lesson 33 Student Guide
Abram’s Journey Map
History of Genesis Timeline
A Heavenly Hope

Lesson 34: Abram and Lot – Abram and Lot separated from one another. Lot chose the best land for himself and moved near the wicked city of Sodom. Abram trusted God and believed in God’s promise. 

Lesson 34 Student Guide
Abram & Lot Map
Attributes of God Poster
Abram’s Example

Lesson 35: Sodom & Gomorrah – The Lord and two angels appeared to Abraham and announced judgement on Sodom and Gomorrah because the sin and wickedness God saw there. Abraham pleaded not only for the cities but also for his nephew Lot. God must punish sin, but He had mercy on Lot and his family.  

Lesson 35 Student Guide
Attributes of God Poster
Respectable Sins

Lesson 36: God’s Covenant with Abram – God made a covenant with Abram, promising to give him a son and descendants as numerous as the stars. 

Lesson 36 Student Guide
Abram’s Error
Attributes of God Poster

Lesson 37: Isaac (Child of Promise) – God confirmed His covenant with Abram. 

Lesson 37 Student Guide
Abram’s Seed
History of Genesis Timeline
Attributes of God Poster

Lesson 38: Abraham’s Test – God called Abraham to offer Isaac, the son of promise, as a sacrifice.  

Lesson 38 Student Guide
From the Seed to the Lamb
Scripture Strips
Seven C’s of History Timeline

Lesson 39: A Bride for Isaac – When Abraham sent his servant to obtain a wife for Isaac, God demonstrated His control, even in humanly difficult situations. 

Lesson 39 Student Guide
Examining Relationships
History of Genesis Timeline

Lesson 40

Unit 4 Review (No Materials Available)